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The Cardinals are dedicated to fostering the growth of rugby in the United States through the following:

• Providing continuing opportunities for players retired from regular "club" participation to travel and play at a competitive level on a variety of Old Boys, Masters and Social sides at tournaments, or on tours, across the country and around the world.

• Providing support in a variety of forms to allow Cardinals to assist their home/local clubs to continue to grow and flourish within their communities.

• Providing educational, coaching, and refereeing training to encourage Cardinals to contribute to the growth and understanding of rugby at all levels of play.

• Providing a social network and agenda for rugby players, both active and inactive, to tour and enjoy the camaraderie of the world's best sport.

Our membership is comprised of players, both current and former, from across the United States, who share the goals to which we are dedicated. There is no obligation on the part of any Cardinal to participate at a level beyond which he has the resources, time or otherwise, to commit. Some of our members travel to almost every venue that we send representation. Others find themselves unavailable for any travel for seasons at a time. 

All are Cardinals. The commonality that we do share is a love for rugby and an interest in sharing that affection with other like-minded individuals from around the country while we work to increase the understanding of the sport in our local communities